Developmental Neurobiology in the Drosophila Optic Lobe

Our ability to see relies on the precise pin-point mapping of visual stimuli to neurons that form well-organized circuits in complex brain structures.


However, these neurons originate from a relatively restricted number of stem cells early in development. How this neuronal diversity initially forms, and how these neurons subsequently pattern to form elaborate circuits remains unknown.


We are interested in completing the story from the initial birth of a neuron, to its individual growth and terminal position in circuits throughout development.


Join us as we explore these intriguing questions in the Drosophila visual system to learn more about neurogenesis and neural circuit assembly during development.

​In the news

June 2017 - Prof Teddy Erclik @UTMBiology is one of 10 Connaught New Researcher Award recipients @UTM      <read here>

June 2017 - Congratulations to lab member Ishrat Maliha Islam on successfully passing her Ph.D. transfer exam!

May 2017 - Congratulations to lab member Urfa Arain on successfully passing her Ph.D. transfer exam!

April 2017 - Congratulations to our undergraduate students Aditi Aggarwal and Zaland Zahoor on completing their theses!

May 2016 - Congratulations to lab member Urfa Arain for winning the best poster award at UofT's Collaborative Program in Developmental Biology Retreat!


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